"Ice Peak Solutions saved me a lot of time and expense by moving me into voice dictation quite painlessly several years ago. I can recommend their service without reservation."

Will Johnston, MD

"Cheri provides terrific service for our Lawyers using Dragon, it's a complex program, so it is great to have strong effective support available."

Dave Ewanchuk
IT Manager
Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP

"The service and response time I've experienced from Ice Peak Solutions continues to be a big reason for continuing to buy newer versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Medical) as they become available.

Cheri, a principal in Ice Peak is quick to reply to a call by providing both sound answers and on the spot service. She has a wealth of knowledge about Dragon software and how it interacts with new versions of Windows and MS Word. It's a good feeling to know you can always bank on effective and fast response."

John C. Butt CM, MD
Pathfinder Forum Consulting Inc. Vancouver, BC.

"I am a lawyer called to the bar since 1972. My introduction to computers did not occur until approximately 2000. I am not considered by the younger generation of my office to be computer literate. I started to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking two years ago with the intention of dictating most of my legal workload. I started using Cheri to assist me in operating Dragon NaturallySpeaking almost immediately. She was always responsive to my requests for assistance and was never stumped for solutions. I was so impressed with the service that I received that I posted a recommendation in her favour on the Trial Lawyers of British Columbia ListServ. In my experience, Dragon NaturallySpeaking transitions from good to awesome when you have Cheri as a backup."

David J. Marr, Q.C.

"Cheri has given me fabulous support and advice with Dragon NaturallySpeaking over many years. I have known several people who'd tried it and thought it didn't work because of technical glitches, but after consulting with Cheri to fix a few minor issues, they were up and running beautifully. It makes sense to buy Dragon from someone who's an expert in the field that can help you troubleshoot and get up and running quickly. Cheri's customer service is second to none and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her!"

Shelley Forrest
West Vancouver, BC

"Cheri has been our speech recognition software consultant for a number of years and I found her to be someone who is knowledgeable, reliable and prompt. We depend on her for all our Dragon needs. Although our contact with Cheri has been mostly around Dragon speech recognition software, I have been very impressed by her insight into hardware and technical issues. Quite simply, Cheri ("the Dragon Lady") is a treasure. Without any hesitation, I have recommended Cheri to many of my friends and associates."

Dr Larry Krywaniuk

Prior to using Dragon even in its earlier versions my use of computers was limited to doing financial spreadsheets. All of my correspondents prior to the introduction to Dragon was done by my dictating onto tape to have my secretary transcribe it. The normal turnaround time in that era even for a simple letter would be several days. Because of the lack of typing skills e-mails were things I simply did not do.

After I became proficient with Dragon my secretary no longer spent her estimated 65% of her time transcribing my correspondence. Further, the turnaround time on the correspondence was virtually instantaneous.

I began using Dragon when version 3 was the current version. Even at that level it was a useful tool for me. I use Dragon with every program on my computer system. Touching the keyboard is a very vocational experience. Dragon has opened up the entire world of computer systems to me taking me from a minimalistic user of computers to a very proficient user. I cannot imagine my business life without it. I owe a great deal of my success in the use of Dragon and Goldmine to Cheri Van Eyden.

Ray Bergen
Canreal Management Corporation

Our medical office converted to an electronic medical record in July 2008 and Ice Peak Solutions set us up with Dragon Medical and the Speechmikes (thanks to Dr. Quentin Smith for demonstrating how efficient it can be!).

Dragon Medical, in conjunction with our EMR, has improved my practice life dramatically. I finish my charts half an hour to an hour earlier per day. My charting is more complete and more legible. I can dictate consult notes in front of my patient and have them walk out the door with them to my front staff, eliminating the need to set aside the paper chart, and return to it at the end of the day. I can dictate sick notes, imaging requisitions, and lab requisitions as well. It's an indispensable part of my practice now!

Cheri from Ice Peak solutions helped us get started amazingly painlessly. She came to our office, installed and set up the software, and trained us in one evening. The next day I was dictating and it's been flawless since then.

I would highly recommend Dragon Medical and Ice Peak solutions to help you streamline your practice!

Dr Constant Leung
Collingwood Medical Clinic

I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking for approximately 7 years. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional in conjunction with Corel WordPerfect. There are certain challenges and peculiarities that arise in using WordPerfect. However, I have found that over the time I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Cheri of Ice Peak Solutions has always been excellent in assisting me with working through any problems that arise either by telephone advice, remote access, or onsite service. Cheri is always able to resolve any problems promptly and efficiently.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to contact Cheri at Ice Peak Solutions.

Paul Rosenberg
Rosenberg & Rosenberg, Barristers and Solicitors

"From Cheri's introductory training to her ongoing trouble shooting, her service in getting me up and running and keeping me running with Dragon Naturally Speaking has been superb!  In a world where technical support for software is more and more a disappointment, Cheri is a bright light."

"I am a forest ecologist who works with many First Nations.  Hence, there are a wide variety of technical terms and Indigenous words involved in my dictation.  Thanks to Cheri's help and the high quality of DNS, my writing time and accuracy in writing have been significantly improved."

Herb Hammond
Silva Ecosystem Consultants Ltd


"Ice Peak Solutions has been of great help to me. I had previously purchased 2 versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and attempted to learn/use them on my own with great frustrations and disappointing results that led to abandonment.
Ice Peak Solutions made it all seem so easy on my third try. I am now using Dragon Medical for all of my office consultations. I love it.

My secretary used to have to type all my dictations - this tied her up and interfered with her other important office functions. We often ran 6 - 8 weeks behind on the transcription. Now the consults are typed and sent out to the referring doctors within 1 day of seeing the patient. It is all much simpler and more efficient. The office runs much more smoothly - thanks in great part to Dragon.

Without the help of Ice Peak I would not be using Dragon and the practice would be much more complicated.
Ice Peak has definitely made my and my secretary's life easier."

Dr Carl Shearer


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