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Discover the Powerful, Versatile, and Accurate Clinical Documentation Tool that's Transforming Canadian Medicine

Dragon® Medical One Gives Canadian Caregivers Access to Greater Productivity and More Free Time

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Why Dragon Medical One?

Cloud-based, user-friendly, and customizable to meet the needs of busy medical professionals from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, Dragon Medical One is the ultimate clinical documentation solution. Mobile-friendly, cloud-based, and optimized for ease of use, Dragon Medical One breaks users free of their workstation keyboards to speed documentation production by up to 45% while increasing capture of relevant content by up to 20%.

The result? Less time wasted on data entry and other low value tasks, more free time for physicians, and a better care experience for both patients and practitioners.

Happy doctors using an tablet.

Say Goodbye to Wasted Time & Burnout

Dragon Medical One—the leading dictation and speech recognition software solution for clinicians in the United States—is now available to Canadian physicians.

Minimum Headaches, Maximum Productivity


Digital Deployment
Skip the wait, and the box. Download, install, and get working in Microsoft Windows or your iOS or Android mobile device in just minutes.


Place speech-recognized text into any clinical or non-clinical Windows-based application, including the Microsoft Office® Suite, and EHRs.


Automatic Updates
Work with confidence knowing you always have access to the latest security and performance updates.


Secure, Scalable Reliability
Redundant servers offer 99% uptime and scale with demand. Industry-leading 256-bit encryption protects speech data and patient information.


Cloud-Based Convenience
Easy single-voice profiles travel across applications and devices for smooth, consistent performance.


Reduced IT Footprint
Digital delivery reduces hardware, software, and infrastructure demand. User-friendly installation and streamlined performance minimize support needs.

Join 1700+ Medical Facilities Already Relying on Dragon Medical One

Thousands of clicks eliminated. Hundreds of hours saved. Switching to Dragon Medical One adds much-needed free time to even the most demanding schedules, fighting burnout while still preserving the quality of patient care.

At last, Canadian physicians can enjoy the same limitless productivity, mobile-friendly versatility, and time-saving convenience physicians in the United States have enjoyed for years.

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Buy Dragon Medical One in Canada now